It is with extreme sorrow we advise that our lovely Princess, Puddles, has succumbed to renal failure. The light that shone brightly in our life has been extinguished, and we are poorer for it. Her pervasive smile and warm personality endeared her to many people who stopped us on the footpath, crowded around her at the shopping centre all vying for a pat. As she sat proudly on ‘her’ mobility scooter, she was once asked if she could drive it.  ‘No, my arms are too short!’

The relief in my dog’s eyes after I found her abandoned. She never let me out of her sight and protected me when I was bedridden after a cancer operation. It is the most fundamental of our senses and the most fragile. Love is saying goodbye to someone you may never see again, and it is the most volatile destructive emotion we will ever feel. Love is blinding yourself to another’s imperfections, not caring how you are treated by a loved one and holding an ill dog in your arms, praying that they will get better and knowing that is impossible. The anguish, the heart-rending knowledge that you are powerless and the realisation that you are only human, the tears as your heart is torn apart. Love is the most beautiful feeling, the loosening of your fears, the exultation at the sound of her voice, makes your chest puff out, your shoulders straighten, and you are proud of the fact that she chose you. Love is what makes us young again. Love is the most confusing, frustrating and beautiful of the emotions we will ever feel.

‘RIP my beautiful Puddles, you will remain in my heart forever.`

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