A Change of Subject

To get off the usual subjects. Guardians of the Galaxy without the brilliance of James Gunn will receive the usual pap and even worse Batman without the Bat -Ben Affleck will be sugar and spice without the grit. Affleck gave the character traits that almost made you believe; he indeed contained the human within the character. But maybe age has caught up with me, and I think that movies have moved away from gritty stories with muscle and indeed are only interested in the money that blockbusters bring in. So when will real science fiction come back to make us think while sitting on the edge of the seat at the near reality occurring in front of you -never maybe as the jingle of hard-earned lolly rolls down the aisles?

Development at any cost.

This is disgusting. A mob of Kangaroos in the wrong place as a developer wants to build houses. The answer -cull the kangaroos. No effort to save them not even the Authorities will design plans for their relocation. We are the premier life on this planet, and we have no compunction other than to slaughter an iconic Australian marsupial. The kangaroo family, which includes kangaroos, wallabies, tree-kangaroos, wallaroos, pademelons, quokkas, and several others are of the family Macropodidae, a singular member is referred to as a Macropod. Do we cull(kill) all the family members or just those that are ‘inconvenient’? Humans and their singular drive to amass money which cannot be eaten only amassed is the singular reason why the Kangaroos are to be killed. Sometimes I abhor being called ‘human’ as it is the antithesis of ‘caring for our wildlife’.

Adelaide-The Livable City

Adelaide is the only city in the world built inside a Park. Adelaide is fortunate to have abundant green spaces where we can unwind, relax and play. To help make Adelaide a ‘Green City’ of the future, Greening Australia is partnering with a diverse group of people and organisations to protect and improve nature and liveability in the urban landscape. I suggest that Newspaper articles such as this one obtain more up to date facts for this type of article in future. I ride around the ‘burbs constantly and have been amazed since I arrived at the proliferation and the majesty of the trees in Adelaide. Some of them have basically been here since Australia’s discovery. I have lived in a plethora of states and suburbs over the years where trees do not exist or are poorly planted and surrounded by concrete. But here, trees and green space abound. I do agree though that tree planting should be moved up in the list of priority projects and states must have continual plans for greening as to reverse climate change or at least modify the impact.

The power of positive thought

I was told once after being informed of my massive health problems that depression would be a problem. So my first thought was -what is depression? – ‘a pessimistic sense of inadequacy’. Well, hang on I don’t feel inadequate nor useless. I attained the ripe old age of 74 which includes 53 years of working 7/24 in a career spanning many states and Organisations and numerous friends and acquaintances, so how inadequate am I?

I worked my tail off in a job that was so enjoyable I sometimes forgot to go home. And that could be a reason that my former wife forgot who I was. My current partner, however, gives me a slap now and then, so I relax and rejoin the human tide. But I am getting away from the point. I was told that it would be a problem, – I repeat -I was told. Well, I don’t have to take notice, do I?

Trawl through your life and identify the positive aspects and draw conclusions about the good parts. Don’t deny the bad parts. Mistakes aren’t mistakes they are learning modules for a fuller more productive life -learn and never stop, that is life, teaching yourself to discover aspects of life and practice for a fuller life. Nothing is gained if we don’t learn; embrace mistakes and negative thoughts, mine them for positive outcomes and discard the detritus, but at all times -learn. Retain a positive outlook and take a flight off a perfectly good mountain into the Future.

Miss Puddles

A talk this morning with my dog ‘Puddles’ while I performed a shampoo and bubble bath for ‘her Highness’, followed by a warm drying with a hairdryer.

“Now don’t move while I do your tail, no not that way, over here.” We proceeded to do her perennial overcoat shortened of course for our summer. It may have lost length but the vibrancy of the fur denotes her level of health, it is shiny, fulsome, and robust. Enough so that the dryer is flat out coping with her water drenched coat required of course to ensure anything underneath is clean.

She sashayed around picking the parts she wanted to be dried instead of relying on me, being a Shih Tzu/Maltese cross, she is somewhat bossy or selective of her body, you choose. This, of course, interfered with the area I had allowed for this task, so I spent most of the time soaking up the water on my clothes as she tried to push me back for her escape. For nine years I have washed her each week, but each time her actions are the same. The next day is her worm, flea, and tick treatment and she must be dry and clean for the adhesion to occur. Miss Puddles does not know this, of course. To her, it is a game for which at the end she receives a treat.

I must admit Adelaide and environs is a long way from the Hills and a different environment. When weeding the garden, I do not have to look for a snarling tongue licking reptile with a head close to ‘mother of pearl’ colouring with a body length of 2.5 meters. However, what I had to look out for after I had bathed the Princess were eagles after a snack. Our little ball of fur resembles a small sheep in her finery, and I do not want her last moments to be waving to me from high up in the sky on the way to be dinner. I would much prefer her to eat her dinner and then retire to her bed at the end of the day as did our last bundle of joy after eighteen years. So the many joys of living in Adelaide has hidden benefits apart from being a vibrant and technologically diverse city, there are no lurking reptiles in the garden or eagles in the sky.

One Way to wake up

On a cold winters morning, I was – of course, off-world, where I spend most of my waking hours –much to the chagrin of anybody trying to get any sense out of me. I wandered through the remains of an ancient civilisation looking for clues to the current conflagration now raging in this quadrant of the galaxy.

My boots were scuffing the crap lying about until a glimmer of something interesting caught my eye and as I bent down a ruddy great mouth fastened onto my wrist and commenced trying to remove it in one bite. My mouth went into a rictus as my other hand came up to rip the offending beast from my hand when I suddenly came upright in bed with tiger wrapped around my hand and giving me the best view of a wildcat.

As I sat on the side of the bed I managed to remove him by pushing him off (never in my presence harm an animal –for any reason) and as he turned around he meowed just as the kitten he is although he is a rather large cat for his age. Trying to stem the rush of blood while Tiger is imploring me for his breakfast it was 4 am for god’s sake, I rummaged through the medical kit for something to stop the rivers of blood cascading from my hand. One-handed I was trying to hold a rag to my hand and finally found a pad to soak it up. Off to the kitchen to feed the beast followed -of course by our dog we embarked on what Tiger thought was the most important task, feeding the beast. So, animals settled and blood flow finally stopped, I went over recent events.

tiger, our own king of the jungle


Forget about the ancient civilisation, I must have had an arm hanging down from the bed –Tiger waltzed in after his forays around the neighbourhood, hungry as usual, found my arm and thought –‘you beauty Ill ring the food bell and get this one to feed me’. So my day started well, here it is 4.15am in my chair nursing a severely emaciated hand, looking at Tiger lying in front of the heater, peaceful as a lion, puddles looking worried and me thinking that life is full of surprises, and did I find anything on that abandoned planet –oops here I go again.

The New Age of Politics

The new age of Politics as the Liberal Party enters its end run before reverting to a minor party as extinction beckons. Millennials are not interested in their traditional values which on reflection are no more than snow-flakes in summer. The current Government has ignored our demand for Climate Change policies and the extinguishing of the coal advocates pushing for baseload power. A reliable power supply is a factor with renewables taking the lead.

The new era demands responsible Government with accountability controls outside of the current Parliamentary control that has proven to be ethereal. We need more effective control over the political selection process by party members to allay the current conflagration raging within the Federal Liberal Party as it devolves upon itself. Independents will bring a different ethos to Parliament away from the practice of the majors to instil discipline as a group rather than allowing individuals to oppose party lines. This is the dysfunction that has plagued political parties since Federation in both the United Australia Party and the Labor party split and caused the Liberal Party’s present woes.

This country of whom we are proud has been ruthlessly dealt with by the current Government ignoring the community, presenting roadblocks to supporting citizens in times of drought, natural disasters and the massive sell-off of our primary industries and tranches of our farming lands to overseas companies. This will in the future cause hardship and unemployment as we source food from overseas. Our once rich grasslands and food-producing ability have been desiccated by their unsound decisions and partnership with overseas interests which will deny access to our own land.