Governing a country can be somewhat like baking a cake, determine the recipe, identify the contents, target the amounts, combine, and bake.

Now, let us become sophisticated. Therein is the problem. Sophistication can ruin the cake as people have many tastes desires and needs. Therefore, we first have to diagnose the population; demographics will be the first place to go to identify your target population.

The Bureau of Statistics can provide a breakup to identify and amplify the various groups, trades, and organisations. We will need a very large piece of paper, algorithms, computer resources, and diligent researchers. We need a large map where the information can go so sections are identifiable by resources, needs, motivation, and age.
From this modelling we have broken Australia into pieces to show the divergent requirements of a large well established country. 

We now have a large corporate structure to identify policy placements that actually improve the areas identified. The plan should run for 10 to fifteen years with logical targets with small improvements over the period.

This is corporate Australia, as Hawke envisaged, not the country that every three years gets to eat at somebodies table as the scraps fall. Pollies wanting to stay in power at the exclusion of the people who made it a great country are the basic fault. It is for everybody and therefore everybody must come together for the sake of the country. This is why we have division, anger, antipathy, and rigorous denial. 

The plan must unfold over time as the economy strengthens and expands. More emphasis is needed to lay a base of economic drivers, such as an increase in manufacturing power, shoring up and motivating our education of generations as they evolve, ensuring we have the knowledge, technical ability and resources into the future.

An amalgam of technical, education, finance, labour, scientific knowledge, entrepreneurs, and corporate entities all in one place, an aggregation of talent with the goal; to improve this Country, not to keep an inept politician in power. The secret is to evolve this country into a resource rich entity by segmentation and delivery of policy indicatives as targets in accord with the master plan.

 This barnyard brawling every three years is an embarrassment for a once great country continued by dinosaur politicians who should be retired to dry pastures. They have no commitment to Australia at all, to themselves, yes.

As Big Blue says –Let us put smart to work.

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