The end is nigh in this new age of Politics as the Liberal Party enters its end run hopefully on May 18, before reverting to a minor party as extinction beckons. Millennials are not interested in their traditional values which on reflection are no more than snow-flakes in summer. The current Government has ignored our demand for Climate Change policies and the extinguishing of the coal advocates pushing for baseload power. A reliable power supply is a factor with renewables taking the lead.

The new era demands responsible Government with accountability controls outside of the current Parliamentary control that has proven to be ethereal. We need more effective control over the political selection process by party members to allay the current conflagration raging within the Federal Liberal Party as it devolves upon itself. Independents will bring a different ethos to Parliament away from the practice of the majors to instil discipline as a group rather than allowing individuals to oppose party lines. This is the dysfunction that has plagued political parties since Federation in both the United Australia Party and the Labor party split and caused the Liberal Party’s present woes.

This country of whom we are proud has been ruthlessly dealt with by the current Government ignoring the community, presenting roadblocks to supporting citizens in times of drought, natural disasters and the massive sell-off of our primary industries and tranches of our farming lands to overseas companies. This will in the future cause hardship and unemployment as we source food from overseas. Our once rich grasslands and food-producing ability have been desiccated by their unsound decisions and partnership with overseas interests which will deny access to our own land.

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