Adelaide is the only city in the world built inside a Park. Adelaide is fortunate to have abundant green spaces where we can unwind, relax and play. To help make Adelaide a ‘Green City’ of the future, Greening Australia is partnering with a diverse group of people and organisations to protect and improve nature and liveability in the urban landscape. I suggest that Newspaper articles such as this one obtain more up to date facts for this type of article in future. I ride around the ‘burbs constantly and have been amazed since I arrived at the proliferation and the majesty of the trees in Adelaide. Some of them have basically been here since Australia’s discovery. I have lived in a plethora of states and suburbs over the years where trees do not exist or are poorly planted and surrounded by concrete. But here, trees and green space abound. I do agree though that tree planting should be moved up in the list of priority projects and states must have continual plans for greening as to reverse climate change or at least modify the impact.

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