I was told once after being informed of my massive health problems that depression would be a problem. So my first thought was -what is depression? – ‘a pessimistic sense of inadequacy’. Well, hang on I don’t feel inadequate nor useless. I attained the ripe old age of 74 which includes 53 years of working 7/24 in a career spanning many states and Organisations and numerous friends and acquaintances, so how inadequate am I?

I worked my tail off in a job that was so enjoyable I sometimes forgot to go home. And that could be a reason that my former wife forgot who I was. My current partner, however, gives me a slap now and then, so I relax and rejoin the human tide. But I am getting away from the point. I was told that it would be a problem, – I repeat -I was told. Well, I don’t have to take notice, do I?

Trawl through your life and identify the positive aspects and draw conclusions about the good parts. Don’t deny the bad parts. Mistakes aren’t mistakes they are learning modules for a fuller more productive life -learn and never stop, that is life, teaching yourself to discover aspects of life and practice for a fuller life. Nothing is gained if we don’t learn; embrace mistakes and negative thoughts, mine them for positive outcomes and discard the detritus, but at all times -learn. Retain a positive outlook and take a flight off a perfectly good mountain into the Future.

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