My work experience is organisational; dissecting organisations when the bottom line turns red. Allied to this is the design of computer systems to address business requirements. My software from my main project, which took 18 months for the design work to implementation was ‘Mars’ my fourth generation computer system. The software incorporates an accounting package. I also developed a Distribution network delivering catalogues and newspapers for a large organisation.

I designed my website -some time ago, and it heralded ‘The Snowpuss and Gidley Wildlife site’.

Collectively my interests are the amalgamation of a series of newsletters, news items and various alerts to provide research material on Australian Wildlife and produce blog material and posts.

I am currently, in the process of documenting Australian endangered species while bringing attention to their plight. Extinction rates of our indigenous species are not reversible under current Government policies. Federal law does not explicitly detail any regulations to tree, brush or land clearing. This destruction is causing the extinction of species, which will herald our sixth extinction event. The need for land conservation, national parks and the statutory regulations for the declaration of Marine Conservation areas is urgent as the demand is dire. If it is allowed to continue in the decades to come, our ecology will deteriorate to an unacceptable level?

I am also currently engaged in producing several books -Sci/Fi, Adventure, horror, romance, several shorts and my current book of fiction -The Adventures of Snowpuss and Gidley which highlights our indigenous species and other travails.

My primary motivation is to use my skills and knowledge to help authors/writers/business professionals achieve their goals.